This glossary contains technical terms from A to Z that you will encounter on the “engage!” game cards and that may be difficult to understand. If we have missed any terms that you would like to see included, contact us. We are always eager to expand and improve this website.




Citizen Science

Active public participation in scientific projects. Usually used for data monitoring and data collection. Examples are VGI (Volunteered Geographic information) or biodiversity studies.

National Geographic: “Citizen Science”

Cambridge Dictionary: “Citizen Science”

The Conversation: “What is Citizen Science?”


Interactive creation of value. Composed of the words ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’. Tasks that were executed in-house get outsourced to a crowd of many people.

Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon: “Crowdsourcing”

Technopedia: “Crowdsourcing”

Cambridge Dictionary: “Crowdsourcing”

Community Engagement

In general involving a community, for example in planning and decision making, though there is no generally clear definition.

Sustaining Community: “What is Community Enagement?”

ATSDR: “What is Community Engagement?”


Data Breach

An incident when non-public data is involuntarily made public without authorization.

Cambridge Dicitonary: “Data Breach”

Technopedia: “Data Breach”

Business Dicitonary: “Security Breach”


Count and characteristics of certain groups of people either defined by their locality, age, interests, etc.

Cambridge Dictionary: “Demographics”

Business Dicitonary: “Demographics”

Lexico: “Demographics”


Engaged Research

A form of collaboration between the researchers and the community, that takes the desires and problems of said community into account and ideally complies to them.

Western Sydney University: “Engaged Research”

Virginia Commonwealth University: “What is Community Engaged Research?”

IGI Global: “Community Engaged Research”

Engaged Scholarship

Utilization of scientific research to solve practical community related problems. See also ‘Enaged Research’

Compact: “What is Engaged Scholarship?”

IGI Global: “What is Engaged Scholarship?”

Event venue

Any location, where an event takes place. The event venue should be appropriately adjusted to the event. “Venues”


Focus group

A gathering of potential clients where a product gets discussed to obtain user requirements and feedback. A form of market research or problem-solving.

Business Dictionary: “Focus Group”

Cambridge Dictionary: “Focus Group” “Focus Group” “How to run a successful Focus Group Event”

Funding lapse

A lapse is the termination of a privilege, like funding, due to the failure to comply with prior agreements.

Investopedia: “Lapse”




Iterative design cycle

The repetitive process of designing and producing something, that gets tested (by users), analysed and adjusted / redesigned, starting the cycle anew. “Iterative Design Cycle Figure” “Iterative Process Guide”

Enginess: “What is Iterative Design?”

ScienceDirect: “Iterative Design”





Project Metrics

A measurement  that is used to keep track of the performance of the project, for example if the project manages to stay in the time and budget frame that was established beforehand and how well resources are being used.

Slideshare: “Project Metrics Measures” “Project Performance Metrics”

Project Management Knowledge: “Quality Metrics”



Open Science

Movement to make science, scientific research and data easily accessible for a broader public. See also “Citizen Science”.

Foster: “Open Science Definition”

Open Science AG: “Open Science”

Open Science: “About Open Science”

Open humanities

A form of open sciece that focuses on on humanities e.g. art, History, Linguistics, etc.

Journal of Open Humanities Data

Outreach project / event

A project / event, which enables the community to influence and be influenced by it.

Collins Dictionary: “Outreach”

Museen und Outreach: “Community Outreach”

Cambridge Dictionary: “Outreach”



Abbreviation for Principle Investigator, which is the leader of a project “Principal Investigator”

Project design

Part of the initial planning phase for a project, when a project plan is created that identifies the key elements like responsibilities, goals, deliverables and so on. “Project Design in Projekt Management: A Quick Guide” “Project Design for any Industry” “The six phases of project management”/

Project ethos

The guiding beliefs, ideas and attitudes the project is led by.

Collins Dictionary: “Ethos”

Merriam Webster Dicitionary: “Ethos”

Project infrastructure

Organisational structures of a project, as well as the needed processes, tools and techniques.

Assocoiation for Project Management: “Infrastructure” “Project Infrastructure”

Project manager

The project leader who is responsible for planning the project and organizing the contributors working on the project.

Cambridge Dictionary: “Project Manager”

Assocoiation for Project Management: “What is Project Management”

Technopedia: “Project Manager”

Project workflow

A series of stages the project goes through to reach its goal and how those stages are organized. “How to define a workflow process”

Cambridge Dictionary: “Workflow”

Public humanities

Interdisciplinary field that uses multimedia tools to share humanistic knowledge between groups of people.

Day of Public Humanities: “What is Public Humanities?”

Profession MLA: “The Public Humanities”

Thinking in Community: “What is the Public Humanities?”

Public engagement

Describes the many ways higher education and research interact with the public to create mutual benefit.

National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement: “What is public engagement?”

The Guardian: “Public Engagement: What does it mean in higher education today?”




A type of malware that prevents the normal use of a computer system or blocks the access to files until a certain amount of money is paid.

Lexico: “Ransomware”

Meriiam Webster Dictionary: “Ransomware”

Cambridge Dictionary: “Ransomware”

Research panel

A small group of people publicly discussing their research.

Cambridge Dictionary: “Panel”


Senior management

The highest level mangament / executives, who still actively participate in planning and other daily processes.

Business Dictionary: “Senior Management”

Cambridge Dictionary: “Senior Management”

Serious game

A game that isn’t just leisurely played but used to improve or even build certain skills. Their main purpose isn’t just entertainment but teaching or training skills or knowledge.

Game Days 2018 – Science meets Business: “Serious Games” (PDF)

IGI Global: “What is Serious Games”

Sustainable funding

Considering environmental and social criteria for investment decisions to achieve a long lasting benefit for the project and the community.

Swiss Sustainable Finance: “What is Sustainable Finance”

IGI Global: “What is Financial Sustainability”


Technical manager

The leader of technological development activities, who is in charge of the people working in that field as well as the corresponding processes.

Business Dictionary: “Technical Management”

Careertrend: “What is the Role of a Technical Manager?” “Technical Manager Job Description: Taking on bigger Responsibilities”


Upper management

See “Senior Management”

MBA Skool: “Upper Management”