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A future with no history meets a history with no future: how much do we need to know about digital preservation
William Kilbride, DPC

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View from across the Pond: Opportunities, Gaps, and Challenges in Digital Curation Lifelong Learning
Helen Tibbo, School of Information; Library Science, University of North Carolina

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Balancing the Books – the Economics of Digital Curation Training Education
Neil Grindley, JISC

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Extending the Reach of Digital Preservation Practice
Mary Molinaro, University of Kentucky Libraries

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Data-Intelligence Training for Library Staff
Ellen Verbakel, 3TU.Datacentrum

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An Applied Approach to Data Curation Training at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research
Jared Lyle, Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

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A Tale of Two Countries: Digital Curation Education in Malta and New Zealand
Milena Dobreva and Gillian Oliver

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Digital Curator Vocational Education Europe: Project Objectives
Kate Fernie, MDR Partners

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A survey-based analysis on training opportunities
Jūratė Kuprienė, Vilnius University

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A deepening of training needs in digital curation
Claudia Engelhardt, Goettingen State and University Library

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The Curriculum Framework (CF)
Laura Molloy and Ann Gow , (HATII) University of Glasgow

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Digital Curation in Architecture Curricula and vocational training for Architects – The DEDICATE Framework in Architectural CAD Courses Design
Ian Anderson and Ruggero Lancia, (HATII) University of Glasgow

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Creating a Future for Digital Preservation Training
Sharon McMeekin (DPC) , William Kilbride (DPC) and Chiara Cirinna (FRD)

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Introducing the Information Culture Framework as a Component of the Digital Curator’s Toolkit
Fiorella Foscarini, University of Toronto and Gillian Oliver, Victoria University of Wellington

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Getting Data Creators On Board with the Digital Curation Agenda: Lessons Learned in Developing Training for Researchers
Merel Patrick, DaMaRO Project

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Skills for the Future: educational opportunities for digital curation professionals
Achim Osswald, Cologne University of Applied Sciences Institute of Information Science

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Digital Stewardship Education at the Graduate School of Library & Information Science, Simmons College
Ross Harvey and Martha Mahard, Simmons GSLIS

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Integrating Digital Curation in a Digital Library curriculum: the International Master DILL case study
Anna Maria Tammaro, University of Parma, Florence

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Learning Hands-on and by Trial & Error with Data Curation Profiles
D Scott Brandt, Purdue Libraries, USA

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The digital curator between continuity and change: developing a training course at the University of Turin
Maurizio Vivarelli, Maria Cassella and Federico Valacchi, University of Turin

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Mainstreaming Digital Curation: An overview of activity in the UK archives and records management profession
Jenny Bunn, University College London and Sarah Higgins, Aberystwyth University

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Bridging By Design: The Curation and Management of Digital Assets Specialization at the University of Maryland
Katie Shilton, Michael Kurtz, Bruce Ambacher, Erik Mitchell, Douglas Oard, and Ann Weeks, University of Maryland

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Curate! The Digital Curator Game
Karolina Badzmierowska and Vicky Garnett, Trinity College Dublin

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Infusing Digital Curation Competencies into the SLIS Curriculum
Patricia Franks, School of Library & Information Science, San Jose State University

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The Digital Content Management Curriculum: A Case Study at Wayne State University’s School of Library Information Science
Joan Beaudoin

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DIY’ Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians
Stuart Macdonald, EDINA & Data Library, University of Edinburgh

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